South Jersey Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Refinishing FAQ

Have questions about our cabinet refinishing services? Let us help you out by telling you the process, what we use and other important questions you might have. You can also contact us directly!

– In home: Two to three days – Branch Street Climate Controlled Spray Booth: 7-14 days doors & drawer faces
All heat emitting appliances will be covered and unusable for a minimum of 2-3 days. Outside of working hours there will be a cut in the plastic providing access to the refrigerator.
Cabinets can be adjusted after being installed as long as you have adjustable hinges.
Cabinet hardware can be changed to a different style for an additional cost.
We utilize a LOW VOC product that has minimal odor and considered to be a healthier option in comparison to other products.
Upon completion of the project your kitchen will be ready for use the following day.

* NOTE: The 30 days following completion are imperative for ensuring that the paint cures properly.

Typically, the paint does not reach its full hardness until 2-3 weeks after the application.